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SOLE AND SHAPE® is a platform, creative agency, community, and event – for sneaker and streetwear culture. Based in Bucharest, the project was born at the end of 2013 with the idea of ​​one collector and a group of enthusiasts, to promote and grow the sneaker and streetwear culture in Romania and East Europe.
Tired of being spectators of what was happening in other countries, we took the initiative to create a weekend event that will bring together all the national sneaker & streetwear shops, brands and enthusiasts – in order to create a community, promote it and promote its culture. This was just the beginning of something that now is considered the utmost important sneaker event in the country and the most influential sneakers portal panorama that maintains direct contact with sneakerheads, collectors, shops, media and brands.

SOLE AND SHAPE® is also considered one of the international benchmarks in Eastern Europe, placing Romania on the map as a future target of large chains and a reference for this trend.

The first edition took place in June 2014, attendance exceeding expectations, creating fuel for future promotion and growth. The sequel edition doubled in attendance and the market expanded in a very short time, almost doubling the new businesses and tripling the number of sneakers lovers and novices. It was after our 3rd event when specialized industry media was born and brands strengthened their strategy in Eastern Europe, with special interest in Romania.

Since SOLE AND SHAPE®’s inception, an appreciation for sneaker and streetwear culture has been fundamental to our vision. This is the reason why in the past years shops and brands started to count on us as a sneaker portal and consulting team for feedback, special events and activities, communication and marketing moves.

If you’re interested to work with us, please send an email to: info [at] soleandshape [dot] com .

SOLE AND SHAPE®’s mission is based on growing this beautiful culture and giving it the visibility it deserves, as well as becoming the most important source of specialized information in the region.