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adidas FUTURECRAFT LOOP: the future of footwear?

The Brand With 3 Stripes continues to raise awareness surrounding ocean plastic pollution and sustainability. adidas began its initiative to save the world by teaming up with Parley For The Oceans, an organization dedicated to cleansing the deep blue seas. Since 2015, together, they recycled and processed plastic waste found in the oceans into yarns suitable for footwear production.

The German brand set out on a mission to reduce their footprint by releasing millions of pairs of shoes built in part with recycled waste. And just recently, adidas unveiled the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP a fully recyclable performance running shoe.

On a design standpoint, the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP isn’t different from what’s already out on the market. This first prototype/yet ready-to-wear sneakers shares similar elements to the Ultra Boost and Pure Boost running shoes.

The FUTURECRAFT.LOOP sneaker might be the most eco-friendly sneaker ever created – as long as the public follows suit. This new creation process involves just one plastic material that can be manipulated into various forms — everything from the sole to the laces, and its various elements are fused together with heat — so there’s no glue or stitching required. This means that when the shoe is worn out, it can be recycled into its base form, which will then be used to make a brand new FUTURECRAFT.LOOP sneaker.

Is the world ready for a recyclable and shape-shifting sneaker?

The first generation of the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP sneaker is rolling out as a beta program with 200 select media/influencers from across the world. Their insight will be used to shape the wider release. Unfortunately, the general public won’t get to see for themselves until the year 2021.

There’s still a lot to be discovered with FUTURECRAFT.LOOP, but until we’ll see it on our feet, we want to ask you — is adidas FUTURECRAFT LOOP the future of footwear?

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