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adidas’ ZX Sneaker Series: The Roots of Running book is a jam

“The idea of the ZX – The Roots of Running by adidas Originals book was to gather together the best examples of vintage ZX footwear that currently exist. Due to the deterioration of the midsoles over the past 3 decades, it was not only a challenge to find the sneakers, but to find pairs where the midsoles were still intact enough to photograph.” — Gary Aspden

Curated by SPEZIAL curator and avid adidas collector Gary Aspden and Bobby McCarten, the book excites fans like us while educating and informing the new generation of collectors as to why this range is so crucial to the history of athletic footwear — and how great design always stands the test of time.

The books’ primary focus is on the two original ZX Series since these lies at the root of the myriad reissues

Pictured you will find pairs of ZX 310, ZX 350, ZX 420 — most of them made in France

Some of the nicest tags and hanging brochures adidas I Want I Can featuring Torsion System from the ’90s

Look closely! Amazing running shapes, details and colorways!

The first ZX series sneakers accomodated a host of different runners needs.

Look at that stack with adidas Originals vintage boxes!

When Torsion Technology was born, adidas had developed different shoes designed specially for different needs — ZX7000 Guidance, ZX8000 Cushion, and ZX9000 Support

The book cover: ZX10000C (Cushion) co-designed by Jacques Chassaing

ZX — The Roots of Running by adidas Originals is a Limited Edition hardback book that features 132 pages (350mm x 253mm x 15mm) with ZX History and some of the future releases.

The hardbook is sold on a first come, first served basis. You can still buy a copy here.

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