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Footshop’s 10 Most Interesting Releases

From a warehouse with 50 pairs of shoes to a chain of stores selling 4000 models of sneakers — that’s the progress Footshop‘s made since its birth in 2011. Nothing happens without putting work into it and it took four years before Footshop started selling sneakers that deserved to be called “exclusive” — but since then, a whole bunch of them followed suit. Let’s take a look at some of the more memorable releases — starting with year 2015.

2015 was a very important year for Footshop — not only because their Bubenská store running smoothly for a whole year — but more importantly the Czech retailer became a part of the adidas Consortium family. Thanks to that, Footshop gained access to some top-tier sneakers, with the first ones being the adidas UltraBoost Uncaged x HYPEBEAST collab.

Being a part of the adidas Consortium gave Footshop a huge head start over other competing brands on the Czech market. In 2015, the adidas Yeezy’s, designed by Kanye West, were first introduced to the world. A year later, Footshop became their first Czech official retailer, and remains the only one to this day.

The first collaboration between Converse and Tyler, the Creator happened in 2017. And even though this release was widely available on the Czech market, it was still quite an exclusive one. Footshop held a release party for the first drop, with every guest being eligible for one pair. Was there anything left after the drop? The answer’s pretty obvious.

Interesting releases, such as the Wotherspoon’s or the first adidas sneakers with 4D technology are exciting, but not as exciting as releasing your own shoe. Footshop achieved this in collaboration with the German brand KangaROOS, creating a model inspired by Prague, its birthplace.

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