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INTERVIEW: Daniel Buza — Founder & CEO of RapCity

Dennis G.: Hey Daniel, it’s really nice to talk with you again! 😀 If I’m not wrong, last time we met in Budapest, about 2 years ago. It’s been a while, bro. We know each other, but can you introduce yourself to our community, please?

Daniel Buza: Yeah, bro, it’s been a while since we saw each other. 😀 I was hoping we met earlier this year in Bucharest. I’m Dániel Buza — sneaker collector and entrepreneur. Since 2003 I have traded shoes and clothes. And this has become my full-time passion.

Dennis G.: Since we’re both collectors, I’ll get right into the core of footwear topic — sneakers. Were you lucky enough as a kid to get the sneakers you dreamed of?

Daniel B.: One of my biggest dreams came true when I was 13 yo when thanks to my awesome parents, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a new pair of Air Jordan XIII low. I think that was the moment when I “felt the taste” of sneakers.  The real collecting began when I started my business.  Around the same age, I also dreamed of having a Footlocker store in Hungary. I had been storming them with my letters at that time. I had no money to open a shop, but I was very obsessed with this idea. In retrospect, I needed that rejection. And I’m glad they’ve pushed it back as I’ve opened my own store in Budapest — RapCity.

SS Crew: Any special memory with a particular pair of shoes?

Daniel B.: I have many stories about specific releases, but I really can’t highlight a specific one. Each pair of shoes in my collection has a story and a way of getting them. Nowadays, it is so hard not to get an L on Nike SNKRS App, that I must say I’m proud of getting a W on a pair of OW Presto for retail price.

SS Crew: We know this is a cliché, but we need to ask you: how many pairs of sneakers do you have now? Any vintage gems? Nowadays releases? Do you have one of a kind pairs?

Daniel B.: I have around 150 pairs of shoes. It’s a mixed collection, very colorful, and my mainline is the Air Jordan pairs. I wear all my sneakers. Usually, I sell when I don’t wear and/or trade for pairs I would like to wear.

SS Crew: The past 15 years have seen a seismic shift in the number of streetwear retailers all over Europe, including Hungary. You told us that Rap City store opened its doors back in 2012, in Budapest. What’s the full story?

Daniel B.: I opened my first store in my hometown, in Székesfehérvár. It’s a small city near Budapest, only 200k people live there. Then in 2012, I got an opportunity to open a pick-up store in Budapest. At that time, Nike had been searching for partners, whose main selling point is basketball and wants to collaborate with them. We grabbed that chance, and since 2013 we are their key partner in Hungary. Since then, we’ve moved to a bigger store, right in Budapest’s heart, and we try to provide both the athletes and the sneakerheads access to the latest releases.

SS Crew: We know launched just recently. What can you tell about the Romanian version of RapCity? What should the public expect from your online store?

Daniel B.: I had been planning to open the Romanian webshop for a while. We got many requests for that before. Finally, in January 2020, we launched our opening campaign. Because of these short-distance neighborhoods, we can provide excellent delivery options, cash on delivery (that is very important for both romanians and hungarians) and weekly Jordan raffles. The rate of exchange is reasonable, hence friendly prices.

Our store in Budapest is 100% based on basketball. The web’s stock is also focused on basketball and streetwear. We have huge Jordan and Champion streetwear stock, and a good selection of New Era and Mitchell & Ness. 

For the lovers of street fashion, we keep Vans shoes, and who really likes unique pieces can also find China Town Market‘s products. We always keep our eye on the world’s sneaker market and try to find news goodies for you guys. 🙂

SS Crew: We need to ask you the top 3 questions every Romanian is thinking right now.

How much is the shipping cost for orders shipped in Romania? 

Daniel B.: It’s 16 RON. If your cart is 350 RON, the shipping will be FREE.

SS Crew: Do you offer customer support? 

Daniel B.: Yes, of course, we offer customer support via email and phone: +40 31 229 5622

SS Crew: Are the returns free?

Daniel B.: Unfortunately, no, but we’re working on that. 🙂

SS Crew: Oh, we almost forgot to ask you. How raffles work on

Daniel B.: We have a Jordan raffle every week. When we’re getting new drops, has its own part from the stock. Those limited sneakers that may not have been available at local stores in Romania can also be available online by people in Romania. And the best part is that you don’t need your card details upfront for the raffle. After the raffle, we send the won sizes of shoes with cash on delivery to the customer.

SS Crew: Thanks for the interview, Daniel! 🙂 Even if your store it’s called RapCity, we will not drop some bars for our followers. We have something better — a discount code!

Use SSFAM code at checkout on for 10%Off! The code is valid until end of September, 2020. So, hurry up!

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