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Introducing Danube Footwear – proudly made in Romania

When it comes to footwear heritage, Romania is definitely one of the most popular countries in Eastern Europewith 100 years experience in this particular field. Sure, the shoes factories from the past doesn’t exist — neither manufacture — anymore. But, like it was expected, over the past 20 years new businesses and factories were founded.

One particular successful story is Danube Footwear — the first Romanian skate shoe brand. Established in 2016 by the romanian duo Lidia Cremenescu and Mario Georgescu, the project started with a prototype made for a school project — while studying product design in UK.
Danube river is as an iconic landmark, and crosses Europe from West to East, connecting countries and cultures. The Danube Footwear‘s vision and mission is to produce high-quality footwear for skateboarders and like-minded communities.

Their latest “Forest” collection is proudly made in Romania with premium handpicked Italian suede, pigskin leather lining, and honey gum soles. Each pair of sneakers features a concealed polyurethane coated leather toecap to withstand abrasion, lace protectors and loops to help stop the laces from getting damaged, and a stitched and glued cupsole construction for more endurance.
The three-layered “Forest” insole ensures comfort and a perfect posture. The upper microfibre surface prevents foot sliding. The mid layer is made of memory foam that takes the shape of the wearer’s footprint. The lower anti-shock polyurethane layer absorbs high impact.
The “Forest” collection comes in 3 colorways — Black, Burgundia, and Tuscan — and is available at
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Photos by Danube Footwear exclusively for SOLE & SHAPE

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