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Jägermeister x KangaROOS sneaker collaboration

Wearing the “Made In Germany” label with pride, KangaROOS and Jägermeister teamed up for a herbal liquor-themed collaboration.
Jägermeister is a world famous digestif, known not only for its aromatic and spicy flavor – but also for the distinctive bottle branding.
The premium sneaker is dressed in bright orange, woodruff green, white, and black – with some of the most fine suede and leather. As a nod to the 56 herbs contained in the spirit drink, the number “56” has been embossed on the tongue label. Another awesome final touch as well, is the Jägermeister bottle cap stamped to the heels.

The Jägermeister x KangaROOS collaboration will release in a limited edition on December 16, 2017 at select retailers. While the official release party will take place in Fulda, Germany at 43einhalb.

Jägermeister x KangaROOS
Release date: 16 December
BUY from: 43einhalb / AsphaltGold / Afew / Suppa / SoulFoot / Overkill / Schrittmacher

Photos by Kane Holz

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