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Kappa presents its Kontroll SS17 collection

KAPPA — the Italian sportswear brand we’re all familiar with, is introducing its latest new and bold project — Kontroll. Kappa Kontroll is one of the most anticipated collections of the year, and bridges the gap between the old school sportswear brand we all know and its revamped identity.

“Further acknowledging the connection with the past is the collection’s name, which references a fortunate anecdote in the brand’s history. It was the late ’50s, and the company specialized in manufacturing underwear. A faulty batch of socks was distributed by mistake, and customers would return every single pair to the manufacturer. From that moment, all batches would get labeled with a “K”, short for “kontroll”, which ensured the quality of the products. And that letter changed it all, as the demand for the socks with the “K” branding got huge.”

Sixty years after that fortunate mistake, Kappa picked that exact name for its new collection.
The Kontroll SS17 range includes two capsule collections, both paying homage to the brand’s history. Most iconic pieces are reinterpreted with a cutting-edge take. The TO80 draws inspiration from the uniforms of the Italian football team Juventus, which Kappa sponsored in 1980, and features tees, oversized shorts, and gold-finished tops. The LA84 is a nod to the Olympic uniform worn by Carl Lewis, when he won six legendary gold medals, and sport oversized lines, bold fabric combinations and bright colors recalling the US flag.

Kappa has partnered with Slam Jam for an exclusive event to present the new Kappa Kontroll SS17 collection.
Also, all the items will be available for purchase online starting March 24.

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