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Limited Edition: Oi Polloi x Reebok NPC UK II

The year is 1985, an epidemic of tennis fever is sweeping the nation and Reebok are ruling the court with a white, leathery fist. They’ve just released the NPC UK II and tennis players throughout the land are overjoyed with the ‘abrasion resistant outsole’ and high-class garment leather.

Now, 30 years later, the British contemporary brand Oi Polloi finally managed to bring the NCP UK II back in all its glory. Based on a pair they found in the top-secret trainer bunker of Oi Polloi main-man Nigel Lawson, these are just the way we like ’em — crisp, clean and comfortable.

The collaboration will be released in very limited edition of 300 pairs. You can pick up a pair on July 7, in Oi Polloi stores and online.

Oi Polloi x Reebok NPC UK II

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