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One Step Further: adidas FUTURECRAFT LOOP Second Generation Recyclable Sneakers

It’s a fact that just 9% of plastic waste has ever been recycled. What happens to your shoes after you’ve worn them out? You throw them away – except there is no away. As a result, we’re facing a grave environmental threat in the form of plastic, which is increasingly clogging landfills and oceans. And that’s just one major problem of our mother Earth.

But, a few months ago, adidas unveiled the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP — a performance shoe that has been designed from scratch to be recycled. Continuing its push towards fully recyclable footwear, adidas is ready to begin the second phase of the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP program.  

The 1st generation of the shoe was launched with help from 200 global beta-testers. Once the shoes were well-worn, the brand asked for them to be returned. The sneakers were deconstructed into TPU pellets and transformed into components for new shoes, then remade into this second iteration — resulting in what adidas calls a “fully circular product”.

The resulting FUTURECRAFT.LOOP phase-two running shoe is pictured in a new, faded blue colorway — detail which demonstrates some of the flexibility in the creation process.

The 2nd generation of footwear was sent back to the same group of 200 testers for another go-around before being ground down and re-worked yet again. This latest FUTURECRAFT.LOOP release is a milestone in the experimental phase and a continuation of adidas’ journey in learning about recycling footwear before the commercial launch planned for Spring/Summer 2021.

In essence, adidas’ main objectives are ending plastic waste through products that can be 100% recycled, remade, and reused. Regarding the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP project, the brand is not sure about the price tag or how many times the sneakers can be recycled, but it could very well reinvent the life cycle of athletic footwear as we know it.

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