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Recap: Here’s what went down at Footshop’s Budapest Opening

Footshop opened its first store in Budapest on 26th April 2018 and we were there for that!
The company has found its way into the heart of hundreds of thousands of young people with its unique, limited edition, short production run shoe collections and a wide range of streetwear. Moreover, Footshop’s artistic and creative vision provides constant inspiration for the evolution of urban culture in Central and Eastern Europe.

The idea of Footshop started back in 2011 with the young Slovakian sneaker fan and entrepreneur Peter Hajducek — as the practical part of his university thesis. The business started up with only one employee and 50 pairs of shoes, but now it is one of the World’s Premium retailers. Footshop had a real breakthrough when it joined the Adidas Consortium in 2015 and became one of the few Premium stores worldwide — that can sell limited edition and unique Adidas pieces. Besides the top designers, the store offer second-flourishing brands such as Kangaroos or Vans in the Budapest shop, and streetwear aficionados will find a varied selection, too.

The Hungarian capital has a special place in the brand’s history, as Peter, the owner, frequently travelled the hundreds of kilometres from his home to Budapest, where he soon started to expand his special shoe collection and acquire unique pieces. After Prague and Bratislava, the dream of opening a store in Budapest finally came true on 26th April 2018 when the Premium retailer entered the Hungarian market — right in the heart of Budapest city.
Two unique exhibitions were arranged for the opening — a Footshop x Dent Kicks Custom collaboration specifically designed for the opening event and Rok’s own Kicks on Canvas selection.

The Premium retailer has a special focus on supporting the region’s artists and upcoming designers — while maintaining inspiration constantly. In this spirit, the retailer collaborated with brands such as UKNOW and Lousy Auber last year. In 2017, they presented their first independent capsule collection named “POINT OF VIEW” and on the catwalk of the Budapest Central European Fashion Week 2018, fans will see a collection designed together with the Czech LAFORMELA.
The brand is also planning to launch its own line of sneakers this year.

We had a great time at the Budapest opening and we’re pretty sure we will meet again the Footshop team.
Just make sure you will keep an eye on our blog for upcoming exciting news!

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