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Reebok InstaPUMP Fury BOOST makes history

The Reebok InstaPump Fury is one of the most advanced running shoes ever designed. Not only was the technology groundbreaking, but the shoe itself has become an icon and a coveted silhouette among collectors, sneakerheads, fashion designers, and beyond. After the historic release of THE PUMP technology in the late ’80s, the InstaPump Fury came soon after in 1994 and changed the way sneakers could function. It became a cultural sensation and one of Reebok’s most ambitious, loudest, and most radical shoes to date. For Steven Smith — the original designer of the Instapump Fury — the modern and minimalist design of the shoe changed the game for good.

“When the InstaPump Fury launched, it was a technological tour de force with aerospace and medical device tech integrated into footwear. It was truly the first of its kind. It looked like nothing else when it came out and today still looks like it is from the future. It makes me proud to have built the future. There is still nothing else like it today and it continues to inform aesthetics and constructions from every brand. Many have copied, but none have equaled what we achieved.” 

— Steven Smith, designer of InstaPump Fury —

The legacy of innovation surrounding this sneaker is incomparable. Now, to continue that legacy and mark the 25th anniversary of the Reebok InstaPump Fury, Reebok has taken two of the greatest advances in sneaker technology and put them together for the first time. Reebok and adidas are celebrating Reebok’s groundbreaking InstaPump technology with adidas’s revolutionary Boost™ cushioning technology to build a hybrid of the best of the technology from both brands — the new InstaPump Fury Boost.

A running shoe like no other, the InstaPump Fury Boost™ combines Reebok‘s revolutionary InstaPump custom-fit upper with the energy of adidas’s Boost™ midsole cushioning. The sneaker will be released online in three different packs:

InstaPump Fury Boost™ Prototype, Oct 5th (atmosCon) / Oct 11 (Asia Pacific) / Nov 15 (Global Release)

InstaPump Fury Boost™ OG Meets OG, Oct 25 (Asia Pacific) / Nov 22 (Global Release)

InstaPump Fury Boost™ Black & White, Nov 11 (Asia Pacific) / Dec 6 (Global Release)

via Reebok

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