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Return of an icon – Karhu “Aria”

Until 1951, Finnish brand Karhu used the three stripes as their logo until they sold the branded trademark to adidas for the what would now be 1600€, plus two bottles of whiskey.

Originally released exactly 20 years ago as a performance running shoe – Aria model is re-released by the finish footwear brand, as part of their new “Legend ensemble”.
Designed by Soni O’David, Aria is coming back as a 90’s inspired lifestyle sneaker in three different OG inspired colorways. The advancements in construction allowed EVA midsole shapes to become more complex and aesthetically captivating. The model features an innovative mono sockliner construction that provides a high level of comfort and function.
Karhu is dropping this release worldwide on June 20th.
Karhu AriaKarhu Aria 3Karhu Aria 4Karhu Aria 5Karhu Aria 6

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