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Sneek peek with the place of SOLE & SHAPE #3 – the old shoe factory Pionierul

We offer you an exclusive sneek peek with ‪the place of SOLE & SHAPE #3 Sneaker Event – Spring Edition – the old romanian shoe factory Pionierul.

Founded in 1889, the shoe factory started the production in Tulcea under the name Talpa. At the beginning of the 19th century (1913) the production was relocated in the heart of Bucharest.
A few decades later the name of the factory was changed to Pionierul.

Back in 1969 the shoe factory started to manufacture Adidas sneakers – only for export. Even in 70s and 80s the brand was popular in West and worldwide; and extremely hard to get local.
From the stories we’ve heard from locals, back in the days, you had to know the right people in order to get an overpriced pair of Adidas sneakers made at Pionierul.

Amongst the local sneakers brands that the factory owned and produced in the past, we can mention Dracula, RoSprint, RoStart, New East and M-line.

Don’t forget to join the event HERE. You can also BOOK YOUR TABLE HERE.






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